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HCD92534 /X


The Honeywell HCD92534 IR bullet-style camera comes standard with IR illumination, making it perfect for 24/7 True Day/Night surveillance. When the ambient light drops below a user-defined threshold, the IR LEDs turn on, a mechanical IR cut filter within the camera switches, and the camera changes from color to black and white. Perfect color images are captured by day and clear black and white images at night.

The 2.8-10 mm F1.3 IR corrected aspherical Vari-focal Auto Iris lens offers a wide field of view range and no focus shift when the camera switches from day to night mode. Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) removes noise artifacts, improving the performance of motion detection and typically giving end users the ability to record for longer periods using their existing DVR unit. Digital Slow Shutter (DSS) technology improves the light sensitivity of the camera and extends its usable range.

The HCD92534 is easy to install and set up. Externally accessible screw gears adjust the field of view and the focus of the 2.8-10 mm lens. A bottom mounted porthole provides access to the onscreen display menu and IR power adjustment. The screw-tightened mounting bracket makes it difficult to knock the camera out of place. Adjust the camera position, then lock it down with the hexagonal bolts. The HCD92534 has concealed wiring so the wires cannot be cut or the camera disconnected or tampered with. For easy installation, indoors or out, the HCD92534 mounts in minutes to a wall or ceiling. A mounting plate provides ease of installation onto electrical boxes.

Market Opportunities

The HCD92534 is a surveillance solution designed for object recognition that is required in locations where low light and variable light conditions exist. Setup is quick and easy and can be customized with on-screen displays and preset modes. This provides optimum performance for both indoor and outdoor applications including lobbies, atriums, vestibules, gated entrances, foyers, loading docks, and driveways.


  • Discreet, bullet-style camera with switchable IR cut filter and 49 IR LEDs
  • 2.8 – 10 mm, F1.3 Vari-focal Auto Iris IR corrected lens with external adjustments for zoom and focus
  • High Resolution Color: 530 TVL – 1/3” Sony Super HAD CCD
  • Digital Noise Reduction technology for noise free images
  • On Screen Display menu for quick setup of camera
  • Four position day/night threshold setting to accommodate the switching on of the IR LEDs under different ambient lighting conditions
  • One power connection selfconfigures to 12 VDC or 24 VAC with transient surge protection
  • Privacy Image Masking – Four programmable zones
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